Thursday, December 4, 2014

What do you mean it's December already!

Well it seems like the year has flown by and I haven't posted anything since January....ooops. I have been busy doing all sorts of exciting sewing projects, moving house, working my daily 9-5 job and just watching the year scream on terribly sorry if you have been checking in regularly, because apparently I haven't.

New Years resolution. ..... Blog at least once a month.

I read a few blogs and find the, so useful and inspiring, I really should be sharing more of what I'm doing in return.

Some of the things I have been doing/learning this year, making tutus for a friends daughter and one for myself for a figure skating competition ( small, end of term class comp, don't expect to see me in the Olympics any time soon), learned stretch sewing for my figure skating costumes, a sixteenth century German dress and hat, remaking some Italian style dresses into Elizabethan ones I'll actually wear, and at the moment making some Disney princess dresses.

But if your worried you have missed the great unveiling of THE dress, yes the never ending Eleanora of Toledo gown, never's still not finished. I really must get stuck into that again. I'll get it set up on its frame again to finish the couching as soon as I sort out the new sewing room.

Next year really should be about finishing off some long term projects, making the Fairy Godmother's dress from the new Cinderella movie, a Melisandra dress for a Game of Thrones cosplay with friends and probably whatever else takes my fancy :) there will definatley be more ice skating costumes and tutus :)

So again, huge apologies to everyone who has been checking in. I'll try to write more next year. Till then (I may post some pics if this years projects later) stay safe and have a fabulously creative festive season x

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well hello 2014

It seems the more I try to get done, the quicker the days run away. Oh well.....what have I been up too? Casting lots of buttons - 80 have been sent over to Laura for her Eleanora Dress and I have run out of metal so need to get into the city to get some more so I can cast the rest of mine.

Sartor, a Czechoslovakian company has just released a woven version of the Eleanora fabric. It is quite different to mine, but equally as beautiful, the photo doesn't do it justice. I had to buy some ... just to compare it. It wont be made into an Italian style dress though, I have something more Elizabethan in mind for it.

I don't often purchase fabric online, preferring to feel the weight and texture of fabrics rather than look at them online, however the two companies I have dealt with recently for online purchases have been fabulous and deserve a mention:
  • Sartor - the Eleanora and "Swans and Lions" fabrics. beautiful fabric and great customer service; and
  • Kutwell Fabric in Christchurch NZ. I came across some blue wool fabric via a photo on FB, contacted them Monday via email and fabric arrived on Friday. So easy to work with and beautiful fabric.
I have also been busy working on some pretty dresses for work and a few costuming projects that are going to evolve over the year, some 20's, 30's and 40's outfits, a proposal for an artist in residency program and more historical costuming just because I can. Now that I have a new laptop (my other one a most inconvenient time) I shall endeavour to be more diligent about posting updates.