A simple caul made for the Anealan Baronesses Fighter Auction prize table. I have a few more to make now :)
Helen's Birthday quilt. I decided the weekend before the birthday that I would like to make something nice for Helen for her birthday and with no other hints other than 'blue is her favourite colour' I set to work. Cant work out why the picture is sideways though.... (October 2012)

 My gown based on Queen Elizabeth 1 Pelican Portait. This was at a recent demo, Heath Watkins took the photo. (October 2012)
The same gown worn to the ball (the light really doesnt do much for the dress) but my first ruff was getting its first wear. It seemed to stand up quie nicely, though they take a bit of getting used to because you have to turn your body instead of just your head to look around. (October 2012)

A steampunk pouch made for a friend  to hold Nerf gun magazines and other bits and pieces used in Larp. (September 2012)
My banner flying at Anealan Championship Tourney 2011

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