Monday, May 21, 2018

Outlander inspried dresses.

While the poor Eleanora de Toledo dress has been sitting around waiting for attention I have still been sewing. Inspired by the Outlander series and the local Highland Gathering and Quilt Run, I whipped up a dress and hat to wear.

I used the Simplicity patterns for the dress, which was easy to follow and didn't need any adjusting over the stays I had on hand. The amazing Jacobean style fabric for the underskirt and stomacher came from a local quilting shop in Mandurah called 'Sew Connected'. The hat started life as a $7 straw look sunhat in a discount store and was unpicked and restitched to suit the dress.

I wore it to the event and had a ball meeting people. So many people wanted the dress I ran a series of classes on how to make a similar dress at a local arts centre.

Eleanora de Toledo dress....yes its still going.....but getting closer

It has been a long time coming (over 2000 hours) but finally I have finished the black couching on the gold motifs on the skirt....levelling up and moving onto all of the gold couching on the black motifs. There is still a lot of work to do. There are 56 black motifs like the ones above my hand in the photo and they take about 15 minutes each. After that some more work on the large circular motifs before I can move onto the sleeves.