Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well hello 2014

It seems the more I try to get done, the quicker the days run away. Oh well.....what have I been up too? Casting lots of buttons - 80 have been sent over to Laura for her Eleanora Dress and I have run out of metal so need to get into the city to get some more so I can cast the rest of mine.

Sartor, a Czechoslovakian company has just released a woven version of the Eleanora fabric. It is quite different to mine, but equally as beautiful, the photo doesn't do it justice. I had to buy some ... just to compare it. It wont be made into an Italian style dress though, I have something more Elizabethan in mind for it.

I don't often purchase fabric online, preferring to feel the weight and texture of fabrics rather than look at them online, however the two companies I have dealt with recently for online purchases have been fabulous and deserve a mention:
  • Sartor - the Eleanora and "Swans and Lions" fabrics. beautiful fabric and great customer service; and
  • Kutwell Fabric in Christchurch NZ. I came across some blue wool fabric via a photo on FB, contacted them Monday via email and fabric arrived on Friday. So easy to work with and beautiful fabric.
I have also been busy working on some pretty dresses for work and a few costuming projects that are going to evolve over the year, some 20's, 30's and 40's outfits, a proposal for an artist in residency program and more historical costuming just because I can. Now that I have a new laptop (my other one a most inconvenient time) I shall endeavour to be more diligent about posting updates.