Sixteenth Century

Ages ago (like years) I decided to make a venetian style gown..but something went wrong and it sat in the a fabric box unfinished and unable to be turned into something else because of a lack of matching fabric for a new bodice. Then I was given a small piece of red velveteen that is almost the same shade :) so the unfinished dress was separated from the dodgy bodice and transformation to an Elizabethan style gown was started. I found some great fabric at the quilting shop and have used it for the trim, along with a few pearl beads. The beading is progressing quite well, mostly because the weather here has been so hot (up to 40.5 degrees Celsius) which is not great weather for working on white satin.

Progress so far: trim attached, 1.5 front guards have beads applied (170 pearl beads on each of the front sections).

I will probably line the trim with wool to give it a little weight and then add green piping between the trim and the black guard. The skirt will be fully lined with linen or cotton.

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