Sunday, May 1, 2011

More random costuming

Finished the costumes for a friends book launch - - Will wanted a couple of Monks costumes suitable for 8th century monk. I'll add pictures from the book launch at the end of the month.

I need something suitable for wearing in the kitchen and my usual Elizabethan garb is a little ott. Today I bit the bullet and started my cotehardie/gothic fitted dress.  Using a Burda pattern, I pinned and adjusted my way to a suitably fitted gown that seems to be working. I have used white linen and double lined the bodice to give it some strength, not sure if its going to be supportive enough though. Tomorrow I have to finish off the seams and then do the eyelets, sleeves and hems. Then after wearing it for a couple of hours I should be able to see where the adjustments are needed for the over dress.

Pencampwr (weekend SCA camping event in Western Australia) is just over a month away and I have a mountain of sewing to do, so its time to just get it done :).

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