Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another minor diversion

We recently had our midwinter feast and the theme was 1492. I wanted to create an English dress from around that period, between the Burgundian and Tudor styles. I found some nice wool blend fabric, some faux fur and a portrait of Elizabeth of York and my Pre-Tudor gown evolved. It was really comfortable to wear and nice and warm.

I drafted and cut the pattern one Saturday afternoon and made the dress in approx 6 hours, finishing as I was supposed to be dressed and ready to go. It has side back lacing, and as the fabric was quite heavy I used the strips of eyes (as in hooks and eyes) to form the lacing eyelets. It worked really well.  Despite that and the lack of documentation, I entered the dress (with verbal documentation) into the A&S comp and much to my surprise came runner up. Thanks to Linda for the photo below.


  1. very nice. you are sooooo clever!

  2. Lovely! Henry VII Tudor is one of my favorite styles, and you don't see it that often.

  3. Beautiful!
    I love your blog, and especially the title! I agree!