Saturday, December 26, 2009

Enlarged and simplified fabric design.


  1. How did you enlarge your design? Did you freehand it at all? This is so lovely!

  2. I found a picture of a similar piece of fabric and traced over it. I simplified the design by leaving off a lot of the really swirly bits because I thought it would be too complex to applique (and it is still very time consuming to do). Then I estimated the required size based on the size of the front motiff compared to Eleanora's forearm and used a photocopier to enlarge it to the size that looked about right compared to the bodice pattern.

    I then retraced it onto architects tracing paper so it would be durable enough to last the life of the project. I have been using the tracing paper to line up the pattern underneath prior to ironing the pieces down.

    I wanted to make the skirt a continuous pattern, so did all the applique on the front and back panels then joined the sides - carefully measuring (stressing and remeasuring) to make sure the applique pattern would fit in the space. Mostly it worked out ok.