Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ok this is going to take a while. I have tracked down the double sided interfacing I wanted to transfer the pattern to the black and gold velveteen (its heavier than vislofex but the shop assistant didn't know what the brand name was). There are five 'pattern widths' required for the skirt. Each one takes up to 3.5 hours to transfer the pattern to the interfacing. So far I am a little over half way through the skirt..... then there are the sleeves and bodice to go. Then its on to cutting out the design and applying it to the ivory satin.

I have also made up a mock up of the dress to check the pattern. I was oringinally going to follow the dress pattern from the Eleanora of Toledo buriel gown as illustrated in Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion" however the gores in ths skirt play havoc with the fabric pattern so I have opted for an ungored skirt which will be either cartridge pleated or box pleated onto the bodice (depending on the weight of the finished skirt).

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