Monday, September 27, 2010

progress update

I have till the end of september to finish all of the applique on the skirt.....time to speed things up a bit. The dress bodice and sleeves will not take nearly so long to do because of their size - not as much to do and so much easier to handle. The skirt is getting heavy now and needs manhandling to go around the corners and reverse bits on the pattern. But I have finished all of the black on the back of the skirt and am nearly a quarter along skirt side one. I have also been madly couching on the emblishement - and I think it is really starting to take on the character of the dress.

Thanks to everyone for their positive comments, here are dome more pictures for you.

So cant wait to wear this to the November Crown Victory Ball.


  1. I am hoping you know about this site.

    was posted through to the Lochac list over this weekend.


  2. More "WOW". I can't wait to see the finished dress! xoxo Jo

  3. Thanks Allessandra, this is a fantastic website with really good close ups.