Sunday, November 7, 2010

missed Crown deadline...still working

Ok, so I missed the November Crown deadline. I have spent somewhere around 500 hous so far(and a great friend has been doing around 50 hours of couching) and probably close to 300 to go....but it will be worth it to finish it properly. It is just taking so long now because the more applique that gets sewn down, the stiffer the skirt and the harder (and longer) it is taking to sew.

have used 2.5km of black cotton on applique....a bit more to go yet. More pics soon.


  1. Well saw the dress at Nov Crown and it is really coming along. It is looking very beautiful. keep up the good work. Don't rush it. Amanda

  2. Hi Kim, I've been checking every few days. I thought you may have given away the blogging. That is one huge task you've set yourself. I can't wait to see the finished "masterpiece". :)

  3. Still blogging... things are just progressing really slowly at the moment. Thanks for the positive comments.