Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ball d Aneala - Day 6

Ball day. Just one or two bits to do before the ball...

I added trim to all pieces requiring trim, this was made up of gold lace, blue velveteen ribbon and strings of 'pearls' (beading foot is my new best friend). Then pleated and attached the skirt to the bodice by hand. Made up the shoulder loops and attached them. Then started on the bows and attaching the hanging sleeves to the bodice. I only had time to do the shoulder bows before getting ready to drive to the ball. Two trips to the shop in the middle, once for machine needles and then for cotton slowed things down a little.

I am not completely happy about the front closure, it just wasn't sitting right, so I stitched myself into my dress when I got to the ball :) Unfortunately, no really good pictures. I will take proper ones later, as well as making up the rest of the bows and getting around to making sleeves and underskirts. I will leave the dress on  the mannequin for a while to help the skirt pleats settle in, at the moment they are just too puffy.

I do like the style of the dress and was pleased that the front kept the nice Elizabethan flat fronted look. More in this style to come I think.

And the Ball was fun, we had visitors from over east teaching classes :)

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