Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ball d Aneala dress - day 2

The bodice has been fitted, it looks a bit messy at this stage. As well as deciding to make a dress in five days, I have also changed the way I construct the bodice. I have used a light weight calico canvas, doubled down the front and back to give stiffness, single layer and cut on the bias on the sides to give a little ease. I have had to add a centre back seam because the bodice was much too loose. The hook and eye fastening has been machined in. Shoulder seams will be sewn together after silk is attached.  I will cut a new pattern from this bodice as I have had to make lots of changes from my original bodice pattern.

I have three steel bones on each side of the front opening to keep the front of the dress smooth when I wear it. The back will have four-six plastic bones after I have pinned and cut the silk. I will leave the plastic bones under a pile of books today to make them sit flatter instead of curling this way and that.

Today's job - hand stitching the blue silk to the interlining. This afternoon I will cut the dress and sleeves. The silk is hanging up trying to drop some creases. Note to self....don't let satin weight silk get munted up in a box, its a bastard to iron. I'm still not sure what to line the inside of the hanging sleeves with. There must be something floating around here that will suffice. 

Must go, time for work :)

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